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Pueblo is a multi-media client for Multi-User Dungeon games
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Pueblo is a multi-media client designed to play Multi-User Dungeons, also called MUDs. A MUD is a text-based online role-playing game, predecessor of MMORPGs. There was a time when Pueblo was the most popular client for MUDs, and although developement stopped for a while, Ultra Enterprises took over the client to upgrade it. The client is one of the few available that allow multimedia elements, which adds depth to the game. However, this only happens with Pueblo-enhanced worlds. The client provides simple HTML support, so virtual worlds can use HTML tags to display photos or play audio. This also allows web-forms to be used in virtual worlds, instead of the traditional command-line entry. This all adds depth to a multi-user dungeon. There are other clients that also provide this support, but Pueblo is completely free. Although it might lack other simple features that other clients have, one cannot deny that Pueblo-enhanced MUDs really add a new level to the world. If you like to see a new depth in MUD gaming, get Pueblo too.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great multimedia features


  • Lacks some features other clients have
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